Never Better and Brother Ali

Yesterday the new album from Doomtree’s P.O.S. hit stores. Never Better seems to follow P.O.S.’s progressive string of solo albums where you know you are going to get something different from the last one, but with some of the same style from before. Not only does this album bring  a faster paced lyrical content (like the track “Drumroll”), but also some more progressive beats that diverge from the usualy Minneapolis style (check out “The Basics”). Although there are probably a fair ammount of fans that don’t agree with throwing Miami Bass style quick snare drum snippets into an underground rap song the fact is that it sounds good and it’s something new and interesting than what has been coming out of the Twin Cities in the past.

Like it or not, P.O.S. will be coming through Madison on February 16 at the High Noon Saloon along with fellow Doomtree friends Sims and Mitclan/Lazerbeak. You can get tickets here foor $10.

P.O.S. | Savion Glover (mp3)

And you can get the album from Fifth Element here.

And it looks like Rhymesayers has a lot more planned for this year as well with a second installment of Soundset, their one day mostly Rhymesayers themed “festival”, on Memorial Day Weekend. Not to mention a little preview of another album from Brother Ali that showed up on the internets today (Check it out here since it looks like Vimeo and WordPress are having relationship problems).

Ahhh rap music.

And yes this will recieve the:



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