Five Times August Review

Five Times August capped off a weekend of interesting experiments in Der Rathskeller. On Friday night for Los Campesinos! we tried to see how many people we could fit in Der Rathskeller and how sweaty, noisy, chaotic one mass of people could get.

credit Ed Oliver from Muzzle of Bees

credit Ed Oliver from Muzzle of Bees

On Saturday, Brad Skistimas, mastermind behind Five Times August, represented the converse (or maybe the control): a quiet singer-songwriter wooing a small subdued crowd of pre-twenty-somethings, who just kind of sat there. Der Rathskeller went from a steaming, ebbing and flowing fun house to a quaint sort of living room overnight. (see: German beer hall turned nursery)


Highlights of the night:

My introduction of Skistimas written by the band’s manager which included references to MTV’s The Hills and Lifetime’s Army Wives: dramatic pauses after the announcement of both television shows (per committee member Scott Janowiak’s advice) resounded in applause and roar, the most energy from the crowd all night.


At one point in the night, after Skistimas played his seemingly “big hit,” a group of people sitting front row and center, got up to leave with about 30 minutes left in the set, prompting Skistimas to call them “douche bags” and advising them to “have a few drinks and then drive home.” It was refreshing to see such grit from such a laid back performer who presented himself with no frills.


Maybe Der Rathskeller would have been more crowded if Jessica Simpson and Rascal Flatts weren’t playing at the Kohl Center at the same time.


Here are some more photos from the show courtesy of committee member Brigid Hogan:


Brandon Clementi rockin’ the mic and tearin’ up the dance floor (no jokes):



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