Midnight Marauders: Game 1

The SERF has never seen shit like this. The WUD Music BBall Team more lovingly known as the Midnight Marauders had their season opener last night against a team with some stoopid lookin shirts. The Build-a-Bear Factory called, they need their work uniforms back.

We rolled in with a boombox. For most that is all you would need to know. But here is the breakdown of the game anyways fools.

First half was a back and forth match that got grimy at the end. The opponents came out quick and tore up our, and we admit this blunder, unorganized defense at the time. After some reorganization, a three-pointer all up in a kids face by MF, some key plays from Truby, and goo foul oppertunities the Marauders we sort of in it. Having some Hollywood Holt playing didn’t hurt either. After getting into a rhythm on the defensive end of the court and some quick buckets from Pat Tilley, now to be known by Tha Directah, we closed the small gap by the end of the first half.

Oh also a kid tried to headbutt yours truly. You ain’t Zidane. Epic fail. Congrats on fouling out.


The second half was a us running a train. That is basically it. Their good player fouled out and we finally got in a rhythm on both ends of the ball and picked it up on offense and some good steals on defense closing out the competition for the big


And for the weeks awards:

Offensive Player of the Game:


He came through big with some good takes to the rim in the final minutes of the second half to give us a secure lead and ultimately the win. Although Tha Directah did hold his own as well.

Defensive Player of the Game:



Coming up with a couple big steals and foul shooting late in the game and all around solid defense when we needed it, Erin gets the award for the big D this week.

All in all it was a solid win. Still need to look at taking some more high %age shots and some passing techniques. Our competition seems like it could be a little harder for the rest of the season but it was an enjoyable first win. Some of us even found time to dance in the middle of the shenanigans.

Big ups to our Team Owners:

Anyways till next week we will leave you with this image of our 1-0 record. Booyakasha.


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