deer Honeybutt,

As you may know today is not only V-day, but also our three week annivesary.  I love u babe and just wanna show u how much u mean to me.  I’m Sooo sorry the monster truck rally we had tickets to was cancelled, and I have to make it up to you. Sometimes you just gotta have faith in me. Me and my crew. Things have been rough in the past but baby you’ll nevar guess what kind of suprises we have up our asses. Moneys been getting tight lately from all the clothes and jewelry i been buying you so we are heading back on the road. all five of us: me, wes, dj lethal, john “ashes 2 ashes”  otto, and sam rivers. Leth has been tryin  to get this shit to go down for a while and I think it’s da best for us all. in fact i think it’s teh best for EVERYONE cuz all the current metal scene sux major BALLz.

Who are these clowns anyhow. We stop putting out records and these guys think they can just take over with there crap music! seriously papa roach, seether, WTF

This is going to be an x treme tour, i’m talking places we never been before. Ukrain, Baltic cuntries, Rusha.And then we’ll be back in USA to headline lollapalooza and and play ‘chocolate starfish’ in its entirety at pitchforks don’t look back.  we also thinkin of doin that coachella one.

again, HAPPY VDAY baby.  U have always ben a huge inspiration to me and the band.




f. durst




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