Get to Know: Todd Olson


What are five adjectives that describe you?

Ugh this is the worst question there is. No matter what I put here it’s just going to be how I want people to think of me and not how I actually am. If you really want to get to know me, meet me at a show and you can come up with your own adjectives.

Can you express to the public your love for snacks?

My love for snacks is unending. The great thing about snacks, you see, is the intensity of flavor. Think about the most flavorful meal you’ve ever had, and then compare that to a Dorito, Cheeto or Frito (not that plain shit, we roll with Honey BBQ in this town) There’s just no contest.

What role did music play in your life as you were growing up?

Depends on what time period you define growing up. If we’re talkin’ elementary school then the primary role it played was to make me laugh. As a young male in the 90’s it was all about Weird Al Yankovic. (not yankovicH that shit pisses me off). On a more serious cheesy note I’d say it’s often about exploring higher intensities of emotion (I know how stupid that sounds but hear me out). If you really think about it this is mostly what music does for people. When people are in a happy mood they throw on some perky tunes and get themselves feeling better, but in a shitty mood we often listen to depressing music and make ourselves feel shittier. It seems counterintuitive because people like to feel happy and not sad but who knows, just my two cents. There’s also the succinct answer which is that it’s enjoyable to listen to music. No one wants to hear that though, shit’s boring as hell.

Is your love of jazz and hip-hop correlated in any way to your love of snacks?

This question is too absurd even for me. I tried to come up with a witty answer but I gave up after about half a minute. But I think my love of hip-hop and jazz probably just come from me wishing I was cooler than I am. Being a jazz cat, rapper or DJ would seriously be the coolest thing ever. I strive to become good at jazz but I’m not even going to try to rap, so I just have to appreciate from afar.

Name five snacks that are four letters long and plural.

Nips, Dots, Nuts, Chex, Trax. Damn, that was harder than I thought it would be.


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