Pregame Scouting Report Week 4: The Flint Tropics

the flint tropics 2009 SERF

On March 1, 2009, the strapping young lads of the Flint Tropics (pictured above) will take on our own WUD Music Midnight Maurauders. Though not apparent in the picture, there are in fact women on the team, qualifying the Tropics to play in the Sunday night Co-Rec Competitive League at the SERF. After their grueling 14-hour shift in the auto factories, steel mills, and other typically masculine professions, the women have lost their decidedly effeminate looks, as to be seen in the above team photo. They can be distinguished from their male counterparts by close investigation of their shorts.

What the women lack in feminine wiles, though, they make up for in sheer strength and power. This may present a challenge for the chivalrous Marauders, who hold sportsmanship in the highest regard as exemplified in their fearless leader, P Tilley. The grit of the Marauders’ own women, in particular one Katie Seeger, is not to be underestimated, especially after Seeger’s stellar performance after being brutally fouled in the February 15th game.

Flint captain Sean “Smoove Like Butta” Barrett has a history for aggression on and off the court, only rivaled by the brute force of Kristina “Curb Stomp” Guttormorsen. What they lack in sportsmanship, they make up for with their ability to take to the hole. In their last game, Flint went 20 for 24 from downtown (3-point land) and were 15 for 15 in the paint (2-pointers). They also had four players post a triple-double and saw three ejections for continual flagrant fouling. The loss of players did not seem to affect play on the court, as the Tropics boast a deep bench with such five-star stunnas as Cory “Bear Claw” Brunn and Kaleigh “Full Throttle” Fulmer, both known for their mad ups and posterizing.

It will take some krispy balling from the Marauders to come back after their bye week to exceed expectations and  take Flint to church.

The Marauders during the February 15th game:

truby balling


Edited to add:

An icy jam for y’all to vibe with


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