P.O.S. at the High Noon (16 Feb) Review


P.O.S. is a show that you go to and generally expect something a little different each time. And that is what we got. Starting off with some guitar playing and ending by rapping in the the crowd. I wouldn’t go on a limb to say it was a roller coaster but it was…a roller coaster lots of folks have been on several times and know the parts where you make a face for the camera pics at the end. 

The set was well strung together with good transitions between songs like using the beat box he brought along to transition into Savion Glover by more or less producing the beat on stage. But also some abrupt transitions like ending Accident, transitioning into a new song about Doomtree’s exploits the past year (a “history” track which we have seen from fellow Rhymesayers’ artist Brother Ali) and then having DJ Plain Ole Bill throw on some Rick Astley and cordially telling the crowd that they had been “Rick-Rolled by Plain Ole Bill).

The set was constructed pretty much as I expected. Starting with some new tracks, throw in the oldie Half-Cocked Concepts by teasing the crowd with the beat intro for about 2 minutes, bringing some of the new Doomtree tracks with “guests” Sims and Mike Mitclan (who both had decent sets earlier in the night), throw in some Basics and ended on some of the down tempo new songs. Then actually ended by rapping Stand Up (Let’s Get Murdered) in the middle of the crowd. 

P.O.S. enjoyed the newcomers to his music that graced the audience and revealed the theme of the album to be doing what you want with your life, regardless of how much ca$h you make. All in all a good set.

Audience was a different matter. The thing about rap shows in Madison, specifically any Rhymesayers show is that you get the same group that can be semi annoying if you really want to watch the show. Surrounded by several stumbling drunk kids, people yelling at the performers, a couple of almost fights, smoking in the crowd, and a slew of Minnesota Twin hat sporting bros that Sims so graciously pointed out earlier in the night isn’t the most conducive to watching a good show. But that is where we are at now. P.O.S. has followed the trend of the label the last year by putting out a critically well received album that cuts across demographic lines in terms of its listening audience and the “eclectic” group of concert goers reflected it.


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