How was Heiruspecs you ask?  I’d be happy to enlighten you.

Minneapolis and Chicago natives and First Wave favorites PhoneticONE and Dizne opened up with a really fun set.  The floor was about half full, which is pretty good for an opener (putting 9:00 on all the posters and then starting at 9:40 may have helped that a bit). In an exclusive facebook chat interview with PhoneticONE he said “the show went really well and the crowd was dope.”  They seemed to be having a really good time and got bonus points for dropping references to Dizzy and Bird.



I don’t have much to say about DLO.  It was pretty standard hip-hop, nothing too exciting.  The crowd seemed to be getting a bit bored during their set, I saw more than a few people texting and talking out of boredom.  It was decent though, and a lot of people may have just been getting antsy waiting for Heiruspecs to come out.

St. Paul natives "Heiruspecs"

St. Paul natives "Heiruspecs"

Heiruspecs was as some might say (Matt Forrest) a “live ass show”.   The whole floor was pretty much full and there were quite a few people behind the stage as well. They played a good variety of old and new tracks.  People were getting really into it, but nothing got too out of hand (no drunk douchebags bum rushing the stage) and for once I don’t think we had any problem with security intruding just because it was Hip-Hop.  There were a fair amount of older people that, at the very least, didn’t leave when they realized it was a rap show.   What makes Heiruspecs so cool is that they bring so many different influences into their music,  blending elements of punk, funk, and old school hip-hop into a really distinct sound.  One of my favorite parts of the show was when Felix said that they were gonna play something for “people who are into some real ass music”, and they did a short instrumental jam with Peter and Twinkie Jiggles kickin out some funky ass grooves.

Overall I would say the show was a success.  I’d definitely love to have them again, so stay posted next year to see if they come back.

-Todd O.


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