Pics from Diplo

I’m piggy-backing off of Mintzy’s post with some pics and comments:


The masses getting down to opener OCD Automatic. Der Rathskeller hasn’t seen shit like this since the 80’s.


WUD Music’s finest holding it down. Literally, they were holding the table down from the onslaught of Diplo enthusiasts who were making the room and Diplo’s table shake. And as always, WUD Music member Chris Marquard being lewd and obnoxious.


Diplo himself. Bringing the city to its knees, he kept much of Madison awake through the AM hours and in bed late into Sunday afternoon. Yours truly got to bed around 7am and slept until 4:30pm.

What did you think of the show? Any crazy stories from the night?



5 thoughts on “Pics from Diplo

  1. that girl who kept nagging us about her keys and jacket was the one who had similar problems with boys on college life…

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