Hype Madison Hype

so i guess we are moving up the ranks in the hype world. 21st over all. damn. must have been the wavves show (which is now a running joke amongst us not for the music, just how hype it is).


no but seriously about 25% of the bike around are single speeds, more and more tight pants emerge, and i just saw a bro wearing crooks and castles. we are doing our part to make this the mini brooklyn of the midwest and it seems like we are making it work.

and many others are doing well too. i mean how else would wyndham manning get elected if he didn’t work the mildly socially conscious hipster vote. we have regular dance parties now (where zebo at hay hay HAY), random people showing up on party pic sites from chicago, even a panel on how to b hype. wavves – all that needs to be said. women – coming to a terrace near you soon. i mean hollywood holt is here judging break dance battles the same weekend u-n-i is performing and wale is performing at the event known for repping ‘real hip hop’ (where krs-one b?). and the word juke is thrown around regularly in the streets.

but there is more work to be done. we need more basement shows. we need a back room bike shop where they dont make you pay excessive prices (cough yellow jersey). we need more of the shitty bars around to be venues and even the small ones to suck it up and build a stage. there is more stuff we need but i wont go into it. oh maybe a good shoe store.

anyways if we want to reach the top of the list even if it is in the blogosphere we need to start an initiative. the madison hype initiative. jackmode on the name game biddy martin. if you care or dont care to care then just do your part. but open your basement to a band. let manning grow his warlock of a beard without the scrutiny of the badger herald. take back the pub. make fun of the kids at madison avenue. and in the end rep your shit to the fullest. if we can make this happen:

we can make anything happen. we r da world.

cause even if its only the list of places visiting a blog. that shit is gold in a hip world. lets make it happen/rain.

– matt forrest

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