Women | May 8 | Terrace

Women w/ Jail
8 May 
The Terrace
Decider Write Up


I had the pleasure of seeing Women at SXSW this year at the Ground Control Party in an Urban Outfitters parking lot near the University of Texas campus. They were one of my must-see bands and I was highly anticipating their performance. We stumbled out of bed a little bleary-eyed and a little late and didn’t think we were going to make it for the beginning of their set, but luckily everyone else in Austin was in the same boat as us as Women took the stage 45 minutes late. Upon the first discordant noise from stage and the slam of a drum, the whole crowd moved forward, showcasing something a Madison crowd could aspire to. Many journalists and tastemakers have compared them to The Velvet Underground and I can see that a bit more after their live performance, although it is still a stretch. Most of the set was marked by transitions and contrasts from jangly guitar rock to noisy post-punk. The Terrace performance this Friday should be no different before they meet up with Tortoi
se in Milwaukee the next night. All in all, Women provided a great SXSW memory and hopefully will leave Madison with a pleasant taste in its mouth to cap off our spring schedule.



– Patrick Tilley

one of the bands that i saw at SXSW with pat and truby of whom i actually enjoyed. their show is pretty apathetic, not some much as others i have seen, but their drummer keeps it pretty lively.  my personal favorite was when he threw a tambourine on the snare and played that and made it sound good for about a full minute (which i think i referenced in my post from SXSW on this band). not a bad way to end the semester with a pretty relaxing band where you can stand and sway to the music in front of the stage without moving your feet. ahaaaaaa. can you tell i go to rap and djay shows? here is my favorite song of theirs none the less.

Women – Shaking Hand

meet me after the show. i’ll be doing the westside percolator. maybe patrick will too.

Mic Terror – Juke Dem Hoes

– matt forrest

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