Getting Green with Paul Cebar

Thanks to Engineers Without Borders, WUD Music was able to bring you a show powered entirely by bike power! As part of the Madison community, we are constantly aware of the impact we have on the environment. But in addition to being conscientious world citizens, we are also committed to bringing you great music, so eliminating the carbon footprint of a show like Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound seemed only natural…


Cebar’s band, the present incarnation of the R&B Cadets and Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans, got the whole Terrace crowd on their feet and dancing with their soulful version of world music. From funk to zydeco, including their “one that sounds like a ska song,” their lively music was the perfect complement to a gorgeous midsummer night.



The best dancers to ever grace the Terrace


Brandon Clementi doing his part

If you didn’t get to hear it, I suggest you do so now.

– Brigid Hogan


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