Forward Announces Headliner


Hot off the presses and thanks to a tip from fellow WUD Music member Ethan Berlin, Forward Music Fest announces the 2009 headliner, Andrew Bird at Overture Hall. Madison’s finest Pale Young Gentlemen will open. This announcement can only mean more great things to come for the fledgling festival.

It’s no secret that Madison loves Andrew Bird.

On another note, I have a great story about Andy Bird, or rather his backing band that I need to share.

Two weeks ago when I was finishing up my shift at Pete’s Candy Store and having a drink at the bar, a bearded and trucker capped man looking a little road weary sits down next to me. He orders a Guiness and a shot of Jim Beam, looks at me and offers me a shot of Jim Beam. I take it. We get to talking. He plays drums in a band and I ask him “Which band?” He says “Andrew Bird.” And I do a double take and say, “Wait, you’re Dosh, aren’t you?” He says, “Yeah, Martin Dosh.” I reminisced about past Andrew Bird performances I had seen including Bird and Dosh’s performance at the Union Theater in Sept. ’07. The rest of the backing band shows up and we do a little talking and a little more drinking. It’s about 2:45am at this point. The bar is closed and we head down the street to the band’s tour bus and continue to drink until about 4am. After kindly being promised 2 spots on the guest list at fucking Radio City Music Hall for the show the next day (Thursday, June 18), I stumbled to the subway and eventually made it home around 5am for a night’s rest. Sure enough, the next day Ethan and I show up at Radio City with spots on the guest list in the Orchestra. It’s a crazy story to believe but it happened.

Forward will announce more acts on July 8 and I’m excited for what’s to come. The weekend of Sept. 18 and 19 should provide many stories for festival goers and build upon last spring’s surprises such as the Diplo after-party (engineered by Forward’s own wunderkind Wyndham Manning) and the impromptu apartment crash by U-N-I.



Here’s to future unexpected brushes with fame.

Stay up to date with Forward happenings at their new website.



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