No Hope Kids

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re like 3 days late on this one, brah.

This video makes me nostalgic for Spring ’09, aka pre-WAVVES meltdown, when the hopes and dreams of lo-fi music rested on Nathan Williams’ shoulders.



6 thoughts on “No Hope Kids

  1. i thought this the first time i watched this a couple days ago and thought it again just now:

    the most impressive part of this video is the fact that it makes nathan williams seem attractive and with-it and likable.

    not sure how that was achieved.

  2. Wavves shouldn’t tour.. He records music that really can’t be reproduced in a live setting without it sucking heaps of cock. I wish we could move past this whole lo-fi obsession and just write good music. Artists like wavves are just hiding behind a wall of distorted vocals and are afraid of themselves and their own sound, it’s time we focused on music again instead of some horrible garbled aesthetic that reflects nothing but the uncertainty and fear of the songwriters themselves

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