Cooler Than Most

Not unlike past entries, I don’t have much of importance to say, except to welcome you all back to school.   Major snaps to all of those who stayed around and contributed to the committee this summer in Madison.

Super sized round of applause to Summer Committee directors both Ryan Vergeront and Gabriel ‘cool guy’ Herrera for their dedication and teamwork these past few months.

Thank you Patrick, and all other WUD Music blog faithfuls for holding down the metaphorical fort while I’ve been busy all summer….not  doing that.

Here are a few price pics from the awesomely mediocre Cool Kids show at the Majestic last Saturday.  I would tell you more, but honestly the whole event is more than a tad blurry.

Exciting NEWS!!!

Celebrity citing, Turtle from HBO’s hit show Entourage (who happens to be my favorite character anyway)–>


Rip DJ AM. Seriously, WTF.



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