Big Things Poppin: Madison Hype Initiatve


So where have we come from several months ago when the Madison Hype Initiative was born? Where has the hype gone? What have we achieved?

Well there have been things. More gutter basement messes with the arrival of the Ghetto Division in Madison for the FMF ’09 secret afterparty scene. Oh and don’t worry, there will be more to come from them next weekend. We may have even spawned our own movement to keep the shit hype…if you know what I’m talking about.

We had some good times this summer too. Part III of Dan Deacon came through to beat the terrace up for a little while. More and more indie music seems to dominate the scene and the now infamous Matt and Kim hit the scene…since they are a big deal now. Church.

Our friends Nigel and M$M came through once again and even LA Riots made the trip to our borough in southern WI.

From La Ville Apartments to Bangerville.

From Asian Kitchen to Wongz Wok.

Moves have been made. Things have been done. More is to be done though. Let’s see your hype. We will bring it. And bring it hard next week. You do your part in the meantime.


WUD Music

-matt forrest


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