Rant: Music, Commercials, and You!

Slow Life — Grizzly Bear ft. Victoria Legrand
Hearing Damage — Thom Yorke
Roslyn — Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Those were pretty awesome, right? Some cool new tracks from your favorite artists. Excellent songs for a cold, fall evening. Now what if I told you these were from the soundtrack to a new movie? You’d want to go see that movie, right? What if I told you the movie was this?

Oh shit.

But lets think like rational people. Sure, Twilight is shit. But that shouldn’t diminish anything from these songs. They’re nothing less than stellar. These songs, at the core, have as much to do with vampires as, say, “Wrath Pinned To The Mist” has to do with steak. They are works of art that stand on their own — Twilight has nothing to do with that. And, really, the tie-in with Twilight is more beneficial than anything else. Let’s face it, Twilight fans and indie fans don’t overlap. And most Twilight fans will buy anything with those people’s faces on it — the soundtrack is for sure a best seller. So think of all the people that’ll be exposed to Bon Iver of Lykke Li. There’ll be many more indie fans because of this soundtrack. And, well, that’s a lot better than another Jonas Brothers song.

I’ll be honest. I’m perfectly fine with this Twilight business. It’s purely the context of the music, not the subject of, and the context wears off after a while. And, if I can accept Justice or Phoenix selling me Cadillacs or the Apples in Stereo selling me Pepsi, then I can certainly accept this. The incorporation of indie music with corporate products (and don’t lie, Twilight is a corporate product) is unavoidable now. Music speaks to people, it’s a common language we all share. Since music is so universal, it’d be foolish not to put good music in commercials and movies. So, instead of being angry over the increasing commercialization of music, we should reflect on how cool it is that good music is being exposed to the public. And, lets face it, how many of you have gotten into the music you listen to because you heard an awesome song in a commercial or movie? Exactly.

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a cookie.
Dylan Hill


One thought on “Rant: Music, Commercials, and You!

  1. the whole cd is up on myspace. the bon iver and st vincent song is definitely the best. i’m a little disappointed in the rest of the songs but at least it’s better than a cd full of miley cyrus and the jo bros.

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