hipster in the making

i’ve decided to redeem myself after yesterday’s video post. here are some nuggets from my favorite youtube channel la blogotheqe. these songs are great for studying music: musically good but not distracting. an added bonus- these songs are all great hipster material. granted, these videos are all from last year, but if you like these, you’ll be in skinny jeans and a plaid flannel shirt in no time.

check out the rest of the videos on la blogotheque’s youtube channel.

rock on folks,

ps: did anyone notice how beaker’s ode to joy is one of the videos listed in la blogotheque’s favorites?


8 thoughts on “hipster in the making

    • i love tallest man takeaway shows too. he has the most intense stare. i saw him at turner hall in milwaukee this summer and he made eye contact with everybody in the audience. it kind of made me feel uncomfortable haha

      • yeahh, too true about his stare. the last time i saw him, i had him autograph a cd for my younger brother. i swear his eyes burned a hole in my soul.

        but that was okay with me because he is awesome.

  1. I haven’t listen to Fleet Foxes in a while; thanks for posting this and reminding me to listen to these guys more….

    Their show on the Terrace from 2 summers ago was amazing. I just wish that they would release a full cover of “Digital Love” by Daft Punk instead of teasing the audience with just 10 seconds worth.

    PS: If you have downloaded Fleet Foxes entire show at the Pabst on October 10, 2008, you should do that right now. here is the link:

    [audio src="http://radiomilwaukee.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/fleetfoxes_pabst.mp3" /]

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