we go to one kick-ass college

really we do. granted we put up with our fair share of crap. for example, my umbrella got in wrestling match with the wind yesterday. the wind won. but it’s all worth it in the end. wouldn’t you agree? among the many things that make uw madison awesome are the concerts. what other school books as many shows? with lots of variety? for free? can’t think of any? me either. they probably don’t exist (if they do: sorry, no offense intended).

tonight is great laker swimmers with the wooden birds. click here for a sample.

tomorrow is los cojolites for el mes xicano, an event co-sponsored with MEChA. los cojolites (along with the opening acts of buya, los vicios de papa, and olmeca) take the stage at 7:00. below is los cojolites’ song “el conejo” that was featured on the soundtrack from the movie frida.

watching this video almost makes me forget that the forecast for saturday calls for a high of 47 and rain. maybe having a margarita before the show will make the weather a little more bearable.

rock on folks,
margaret kaye


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