it is november 4th

and they’re already trying to sell me holiday crest whitestrips. seriously, i’ve already seen a few holiday/christmas commercials. another thing they’re trying to sell this holiday season: bob dylan singing christmas carols. i’m not buying it. i love bob dylan, but only when he’s singing nonsense like the entire highway 61 revisited album. ok so the lyrics on highway 61 revisited do make sense in their own weird way, but they don’t have a concrete message like “silver bells” or “o’ come all ye faithful”.

anyways, back to the christmas album. it’s called christmas in the heart. it kind of reminds me of that crazy great-uncle or weird third cousin we all have that chain smokes, drinks too much, and decides to serenade the whole family at the annual holiday party. if you think you don’t have a relative like that, you’re lying to yourself. i’ve posted two of my favorites from highway 61 revisited. listen and compare to christmas in the heart courtesy of lala and pitchfork.

i personally think bob dylan is much better off singing about paul revere’s horse, jezebel the nun, and abraham than santa. but maybe that’s just me.

rock on folks,
margaret kaye


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