Club 770 Week Three

So I have managed to be at WSUM by 5 AM three weeks in a row. Online listeners to Club 770: The WUD Music Hour doubled this week, so I was pretty pumped about that.

Here’s how it went down. [download minus the Surfer Blood track which for some reason won’t go to my desktop]

The Upcoming Stuff Part:

  • Beach Comber – Real Estate
  • Death By Dust – Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
  • Just Broke Up – Smoking Popes
  • The Freshest Kids – Toki Wright, Brother Ali, and Evidence

In honor of Bangerville becoming Fun Cartel and probably becoming something else by the time Friday gets here:

  • What You Know x One More Time – Matt Forrest

Okay, so it’s the “On Rotation in the Office” part!! The first track here is probably going to get me kicked off committee… whatever. The second one obviously makes up for it. This week featured what essentially turned into a “recently leaked” section…

  • Half Of My Heart (ft. Taylor Swift) – John Mayer
  • Catholic Pagans – Surfer Blood
  • Horchata – Vampire Weekend

By request, for Brandon Clementi:

  • Crown on the Ground – Sleigh Bells

By request of Ethan Berlin, but also kind of for Peter Truby because of, you know, the whole “in love with Angel Deradoorian” thing:

  • Two Doves – Dirty Projectors (also check this out, it’s an excellent article)

Way too many play counts in my iTunes, but I really, really like this one:

  • Instruct Me – The Drums

My parents were listening, and if you realized how many times I made them listen to this CD in the car before I could drive… you’d understand:

  • New Slang – The Shins

Okay! That was this week! I’d love to hear YOUR requests for next week.

– Brigid


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