Good Cover? Bad Cover?

The blogosphere has been all hyped up on Solange (little sis of Beyonce) releasing a cover of Stillness is the Move by the Dirty Projectors. She brings it a more contemporary R&B styling than the original song. It relies less on the quirky hooks that define the Dirty Projectors music, and instead focuses more on Solange’s vocals.

Solange — Stillness is the Move (cover)

The Dirty Projectors — Stillness is the Move

But I can’t decide whether this was actually a good cover. It’s obvious that Solange can is much more talented as a singer than Amber Coffman. Solange has a wider vocal range, and can hit notes more consistently than Coffman. But I can’t help but feel Solange’s version lacks character. She can hit all the high notes she wants, but replacing the original instrumentation with a pretty generic R&B backing doesn’t make the song stand out as much. It sounds like a thousand other songs I’ve heard on the radio, whereas the original was something that sounds unique and inventive.  This song confirms Solange’s talent as a singer for me, but I think that she still has work to do arranging songs.

Dylan Hill


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