Last Weekend of Shows this Semester

If you aren’t too busy studying your ass of this weekend, come and check out our shows for the weekend. Tonight at 9:30 we have a reunited Smoking Popes in the Rathskeller. The Smoking Popes were a popular pop-punk band during the mid-90s. They reunited in 2005, and have since released two records, with another scheduled for release next year. Blackwell Beauties opens.

On Saturday we have two shows for your enjoyment. The first, at the Rathskeller at 9:30, is Headlights, with Cavalier Rose opening. From Chicago, Headlights is made up of members of experimental band Maserati and Absinthe Blind. Imagine indie rock with ambient mixed in. Our other show is the Steve Aoki show at the Majestic. One of the premier DJs around, Aoki will give Madison’s best dance party of the year tomorrow. Doors at 9:00, tickets are $14 for students and $17 for the public. Fun Cartel opens.

Smoking Popes:


Steve Aoki:

-Dylan Hill


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