what in the hell moment(s) of the week

it’s completely unrelated to music, but it would be really cool if madison could invest in some more salt for the sidewalks. i know we just had this huge record-breaking blizzard but still. between tuesday morning and thursday night i fell three times. maybe i just have horrible balance, but i don’t think it’s just me. in fact i know it isn’t. i saw a few other people wipe out. anyone else fallen on their ass a lot in the past few days?

vevo. what is the point? it just launched december 6th at midnight. it’s pretty much the same thing as youtube. except it only has videos from universal. so if you’re looking for a song that doesn’t have an official video or isn’t distributed by universal, you have to go to youtube anyways. but it’s predicted to become the largest music oriented website on the internet. i’m just not seeing that happening. at least not for a while. did anyone even know it existed? the only reason i even heard about it was because the launch party came up as a main headline for yahoo. (yes yahoo considers a party with john mayer and justin timberlake more important than things in the national news like the economy and health care.) do you think it will end up being bigger than youtube? i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

rock on folks,
margaret kaye


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