Happy New Year, New Jersey!

So New Jersey has received some attention lately due to “Jersey Shore”, but the Garden State has some other great exports in 2k9.

I spent NYE watching the wonderfully ubiquitous reality show (new episode, yessss!), being really festive because I actually traveled to New Jersey TODAY to spend a few days in Princeton with Molly Lloyd, who is actually responsible for making sure this blog runs itself smoothly.

Other than Molly and “Jersey Shore,” NJ lays claim to one of WUD’s favorite bands: Real Estate. With links to UW grad student Julian Lynch, who we love to book, as well as a bunch of other Garden State and Brooklyn acts, Real Estate gets quite  a bit of love from blogs of the GvB ilk and in the words of John Ash, have a “space house” on their CD jewel case. They played der Rath the weekend of the Michigan game, and needless to say, it was a great show, if a bit sparsely attended.

Just a reminder not to forget the good things about New Jersey, 2009, and space houses.

Real Estate (they have a wikipedia entry. that’s big time.)

http://www.myspace.com/realestate <- yeah, that, do it to it.

love and kisses

brigid (and molly)


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