First Weekend of Shows

Hey guys, welcome back! Hope you had a good break. This weekend we’ve got some shows you guys should think about checking out. On Friday, we have some regional flavor with Decibully, the Daredevil Christopher Wright, and Jookabox. Decibully are a cool band from Milwaukee who released their newest album this past December.  Fans of guys like Jets to Brazil or Wilco should enjoy. The Daredevil Christopher Wright, from Eau Claire, and Jookabox, from Indianapolis, also appear.

On Saturday, we have some more regional fare with Screamin’ Cyn-Cyns and the Pons, and Butt Funnel.  Screamin’ Cyn-Cyns and the Pons are one of the best punk bands from Madison, and Butt Funnel bring the Eurotrash.  If you’re a fan of fun, you should go. If you’re not a fan of fun, I’m not sure if we want you there.

Hope to see you there,
Dylan Hill


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