Spotlight on… Matt Forrest

So the blog team has decided to reinstate the weekly feature of member spotlights highlighting the current favorites of WUD Music’s finest. And who better to start off with than WUD Music director Matt Forrest? Right, we thought so too.

Name: Matt Forrest

Shine Blocka?

Year: Senior
Major(s): Geography (Human and Cartographic Design) and Sociology

What is your current musical philosophy?

I used to listen to a lot of underground rap – and still do – but the genre has become a little stale. There are a lot of people out there doing great things in the genre but I look to music that is pushing the limits – which is why I have started to move into more electronic based music and hip-hop where the limits of what has been done before are being pushed.

In terms of hip-hop for me that is exemplified by P.O.S. who constantly releases albums that challenge the listener and bring something that we haven’t heard before. On the other end I enjoy a lot of what the Mad Decent label has put out as well – exploring genres that have not been given the exposure they really deserve, but genres that are on the cutting edge and creating/re-envisioning music as we know it.

What are you currently listening to?

Brick Bandits
The Very Best
Daniel Haaksman
Shine Blockas – Big Boi w/ Gucci Mane
Passion Pit

Favorite live show:

Matt + Kim

I’ve seen them a lot and always enjoyed it. If I had been at Dave Chappelle’s Block Party I’m sure that would take it.

Favorite music news source (blog/magazine/etc):

Google Reader is my source. I keep all my blogs there. Off of those though I would say:

Hot Biscuits
Sound Verité
Gotta Dance Dirty
Fakeshore Drive

Favorite music committee memory:

Ha. There are plenty. SXSW (SlamBurger), Girl Talk in 770 (RIP), Homegrown Hip Hop Fest…

But for tops I think I’ll stick with Diplo. The show and the after party. Too good too good.

Top 5 most played songs on iTunes:

The top is MPR News Radio but that really doesn’t count so:
Prom Quiz – Grayskul
Pon De Floor – Major Lazer
Stand Up (Let’s Get Murdered) – P.O.S.

Two truths and a lie:

I can tell you the episode and season number of ‘The Office’ with in two episodes
I use bro-tein aka protein shakes
My mom might swear more than me (love you Mo)

Moment of Zen:


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