Digging in the Crates

Just found this old gem in the ‘crates’ of my iTunes today from one of the more interesting hip-hop groups to emerge out of the early 2000s – Handsome Boy Modeling School

First off – great name. It’s creative. It’s classy. And it made fun of all other rappers during this time. Unfortunately they haven’t done much since 5 years ago. They should though.

Second – it made me rediscover how much better Ocean’s Eleven is than the rest of the Ocean’s movies (unless you are in a European mood then Twelve hits the spot). Yes if you recognize the song that is where it’s from. The scene with Rusty – who eats in next to every scene through out the series – is sitting at the bar with ‘dancers’ behind glass.

If that doesn’t sell it then maybe this will. Quite possibly the greatest title for any hip-hop album ever:

Cheers and keep it classy.

The Projects aka PJays – Handsome Boy Modeling School

If It Wasn’t for You – Handsome Boy Modeling School w/ De La Soul

–matt forrest


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