Just Announced: Pimps of Joytime w/ Andrew Ripp, Ben Rector & Steve Moakle 3/5/2010

Memorial Union- Der Rathskeller

3/5/2010 8:00pm

Pimps of Joytime are a multi-ethnic group that hits all the marks and crosses all the barriers, bridging the gap between underground funk, soul, pop, dance, afrobeat and latin, filling every song with soulful harmonies and uplifting vibes. Mixing samples and dance beats with tasty live musicianship and sweet vocal harmonies, The Pimps of Joytime have evolved into the current five-piece that gets crowds on their feet from London to San Francisco. Somehow, The PJT’s found a way to put a modern twist on a retro sound, creating dirty, ass-shakin grooves like no one else out there. In 2009 Pimps of Joytime were able to play over 100 shows from South Carolina to Alaska and finished their newes album, Funky Brooklynn on Wonderwheel Recordings

Chicago native, Andrew Ripp, combines a voice that invokes both vulnerability and soul with a talent for undeniable hooks. Ripp works independently from a label and focuses on touring, he has traveled with the likes of hanson, Dave Barnes and Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers. He and his band recently spent a month overseas performing for U.S. troops stationed abroad in the UK, Mediterranean, and Middle East

Pittsburgh’s Steve Moakler has been making music for the past five years. He has a gift for for sweet melodies and moving narratives that stick in your head like happy memories. Moakler is emerging as as one of the best of a new generation of pop-rock songwriters who call Nashville home.


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