So It Begins: WUD Goes to Austin

I feel like a proud parent, or that king elf from Lord of the Rings. But I am happy to say that the posse from WUD Music is off and running to Austin for SXSW 2010. There are 9 people from the committee going this year and the legend himself is creeping the streets of Austin, yup Trubes is there. There are sure to be some stories coming back from the trip.

The crew is just outside St. Louis as I write this and they have a long night of driving ahead of them. But soon enough the adventures start.

Check back here every day as they will be updating you on the good and the bad at SXSW this year. If you can’t hold your excitement back search #wudsxsw on Twitter for constant updates.

As for now I wish the posse in the UW Fleet Vehicle somewhere in the middle of the nation: godspeed. Back to my academic pursuits.

–matt forrest

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