SXSW 2010: We Made It!

After about 20 hours in the car and several 5 hour energies for John Ash later, the UW Fleet Vehicle (now known as The Chariot) has reached its destination at the Holiday Inn (Formerly the Radisson North) in Austin, TX.  We actually made such great time that we’re too early to check into our hotel, so I am updating you all from the hotel lobby as we wait for our room.

We drove past a really freakin’ big wind farm in Illinois, and I thought it was cool.

Ethan Berlin took the wheel for the majority of the trip, taking us all the way into (Bro)klahoma!

1 Box of 5 Hour Energy (The #Wudswsw sponsor) = 60 hours of good times

The Chariot.

John Ash introduced as all to Pickle – O’s at Sonic (fried pickle slices). We had a super friendly waitress to send us off to our final 2 hours into ATX. After a Gabe and Ethan, Weezer/Rubber Soul sing-along we finally arrived, and are ready to get downtown to our first day of music and shenanigans.

Gabriel Herrera doesn’t have anything to add to this post.

A happy Paddys day to all of you,


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