umm slight delay

hi dudes.

i have been meaning to post this for over a week, but what better time then on a layover in charlotte?

here’s the last two weeks of club 770.

week 12 [download]

  1. family affair (sly and the family stone cover) – david ford
  2. autopilot – the selfish gene
  3. star of the county down – the pints
  4. weeping state – trio tarana
  5. fast forward regrets – the terror pigeon dance revolt
  6. crutch & cane – peter wolf crier
  7. dream city – free energy
  8. o.n.e. – yeasayer
  9. someday we’ll have a better world – eddie kendricks
  10. open house – bombay bicycle club
  11. you’ve got the love remix (the xx cover of florence and the machine)  – the very best
  12. what else? – the crepes

week 13 [download forthcoming] the sxsw preview

in which the #wudsxsw crew picks their anticipated music

  1. old old fashioned – frightened rabbit (jamie quam)
  2. wilderness – active child (peter truby)
  3. real life – tanlines (ethan berlin)
  4. be brave – the strange boys (ethan berlin)
  5. in the sun – she & him (molly lloyd)
  6. weak ends – millionyoung (patrick tilley)
  7. orion – rodrigo y gabriela (some guy who called in and requested even they aren’t playing sxsw)

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