that tragic set of charms! MG&V

So I haven’t been a very good blogger, but the MG&V show at the Ale House last night necessitates a post of its own.

Fanfarlo played before them and were excellent, unsurprisin

gly, but the Delta Spirit-Deer Tick-Dawes “supergroup” absolutely blew me away. I claimed at the time that it was the best live show I have ever seen, which may not be entirely true, but that isn’t what matters.

My camera battery failed me, so I don’t have much to share – only a couple pictures and a few seconds of video with no sound. But that’s going to have to do. If you ever, EVER have the chance to see them… do it.

P.S. The closed out the night with 3/4 of Dawes on stage covering a Dawes song. The chorus of “Time Spent In Los Angeles” has been sung by at least one person at all times since then. So good.



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