A quick blog post before we leave this fabulous city that is Austin.  I have been a terrible blogger this past week but in my defense it’s easier said than done.  Right now I actually say anything about SXSW, mostly because I am still in shock/amazed that this festival exists. 

The recap of the weekend is:

Most exciting surprise: Temper Trap/ The Boxer Rebellion, these shows were completely electric and I hope to see them again in the midwest if not the Terrace.

Most disappointing: I didn’t have one myself but Gabe says Sleigh Bells, Brigid and John say Best Coast.  For the shows I was planning on seeing I wasn’t disappointed. Though while waiting for Local Natives to play Dutchess Says went on and it was pretty terrible, it just wasn’t my taste and for the last day of sxsw I couldn’t really handle how loud it was.

But we are about to go and this is pretty half-ass but I wanted to write something down before we left the hotel.

We will be back with better awards and statistics, see you all in 24 hours.



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