Late SXSW pictures and such

Alright so these are reallly late, but for some reason college decided that everything had to be done the week before spring break.  SXSW was one of the greatest experiences I have ever been lucky enough to participate in.  Not only did I get to some amazing bands which I hope to see on the Terrace or in Der Rathskeller but I met some great people in the business, (marketing and journalism for me) who showed me there are a lot of talented people out there and I have more to learn than I could have ever imagined, no matter what field I choose to work in.

Also if any of you get the chance, you absolutely have to see Temper Trap, The Boxer Rebellion, Fanfarlo, Local Native (Surfer Blood was called the Vampire Weekend of the festival but these guys should have been), Fucked up I only got to see one song of theirs but it blew me away.  I actually kept running into this female duo First Aid Kit from Sweden, they were adorable and incredibly talented.  These Are Powers was another great show, the female singer was not only talented but gorgeous and I fell in love with her.   It was the combination of her stage presence and voice that really got me, great personality and her voice was a thing to remember.  Alright I suck at writing about music, but I thought I should mention the great acts before I put up some pictures.  Oh right JJ was fabulous to listen to, but I didn’t actually get to see her since I was to far back.

The Boxer Rebellion (had some great lights)


Mohawk was my favorite venue


Molly before Temper Trap, I could only capture how amazingly excited she was with a picture


Temper Trap (he made love to every song, it was amazing how talented he was on stage)


Frightened Rabbit, yeah I geeked out at this show and I'm not ashamed to admit it


The Boxer Rebellion's lead singer, a hot English guy...what else




First Aid Kit, I also saw them at Mohawk


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