Announcing: Janelle Monae, 23 April

WUD Music and MCSC Present

Janelle Monae

Memorial Union Terrace

930 pm,  23 April, 2010

To say Janelle Monáe is unique is an understatement a severe understatement. While many other artists may only excel in one skill be it as a songwriter, a singer or a dancer Monáe tackles this trifecta with a confidence and a seemingly effortless ability to amaze. But none of this is a surprise once you learn the Grammy Award-nominated performer’s backstory. Originally from Kansas City, Monáe’s childhood was disrupted by the rough reality of a father with a damaging drug addiction. This caused the young girl to turn inward, creating her own world through her imagination a skill she transformed into an anchor for her creative outlets later in life. 

Established in 1999, the MultiCultural Student Coalition (MCSC) is a coalition of students deeply committed to social justice, and the principles of inclusivity, integrity, responsibility and respect. MCSC offers services and events to the UW-Madison community, fostering understanding across cultural and class lines. Some of the services we provide include: media consultation, program development, grant writing and budget planning, volunteer opportunities, and customized workshops to engage participants in thoughtful dicussion helping to find common ground. We encourage anyone and everyone to come by and get involved!


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