Club 770 Week 14

Aaaand we’re back! It’s been a while, but never fear, Club 770 made its grand return.

In addition to music, I talked about the Bonnaroo College Comedy tour… which you should go to.

But here’s the music that happened:


Upcoming Shows

  • Captain Video – Conrad Plymouth
  • Crutch & Crance – Peter Wolf Crier
  • Fast Forward Regrets. – The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
  • Taking Control – Alberta Cross
  • In The Dark – Whigs

On Rotation in the Office

  • All Around and Away We Go – Twin Sister (by request of Kevin Stockert)
  • Bang Pop – Free Energy
  • Ring Ring – Sleigh Bells
  • Animal Arithmetic – Jonsi
  • Mouthful Of Diamonds – Phantogram
  • Shadow People – Dr. Dog
  • Georgia – Yuck
  • Snowmelt – Weed Diamond

Affectionately until next week,



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