Hey folks! Did you hear? WUD and University Housing are presenting LAKESHOREPALOOZA this Friday, April 30th starting at 5pm. LSP is brought to you by people who love the lakeshore neighborhood and want to treat it right with some sweet, sweet music. The love fest is taking place on Cole Beach. For those of you not lakeshore area literate, look for the field on Observatory and Elm. You say you’re maxed out on your concert budget for the week? Well, good news my friends, it’s FREE.
(And even if you’re dragging after a flawlessly mixxed los campesinos! show, we’ve got you covered with FREE starbucks double shots. )

The event kicks off at 5pm with Madison’s own the Nod. The guys released their EP, Shoddy Heart last August and will release their full-length album, Easy Maverick early this summer. Though they formed a little over a year ago, they’ve been making appearances all over the city. With a songwriting style that shows they don’t take themselves too seriously, the audience should get ready for a less-than-shoddy show.

Enjoy this half-plaid, full-energy performance by the Nod:

Next up, My Gold Mask. The duo from Chicago consists of Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo. Their appealing instrumentation complements Rochelle’s chilling vocals. My Gold Mask, a nine-song debut was released as a cassette tape. Talk about a bold move! The band’s recent EP, A Thousand Voices, dropped earlier this year. My Gold Mask describe their sound as, “A fuzzy blanket of cactus prickles. Plates crashing on the ground. Mist on a lake, echos in a cave. Froot Loops in pink milk. Electrified nylon on wood. Sequins and clay. A hard thud and a soft whimper. Your Momma.”

So grab some sugary cereal and strawberry milk from frank’s, enjoy the sunset on mendota and have yourself a good time.

(wait, what’s that? there’s even a Hood Internet remix? Check it out here:

Let the Goodnight Loving from Milwaukee, WI bring us into dusk as they go on stage at 7:15. Most recently, they released a self-titled LP in 2008 on Dusty Medical Records. Upon its inception the group claimed a folk-rock identity, but they clearly can’t help but adopt an affinity for their punk and garage-rock influences. They’ve got a busy summer ahead with shows across the US and Canada.

At 8:45, Maritime will be headlining this year’s Lakeshorepalooza. The Milwaukee natives released Glass Floor in 2004 and We, the Vehicles two years later. I know I’ve been anticipating which song they’ll cover on the A.V. Club’s Undercover series (I’m really hoping it’s The Replacements’ “Will I Dare”), but until then I’ll settle for a stellar live show.

Here they are at Club 770 awhile back (for all you cool enough to remember, I surely am not):

Let’s recap!
Lakeshorepalooza @ Cole Beach
Friday @ 5
Free starbucks!
Maritime. The Goodnight Loving. My Gold Mask. The Nod.
You! Me! Dancing the night away!

Only a couple of weekends left, so spend ‘em right!


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