This Weekend at the Terrace

It’s move-in weekend! Instead of stressing, get to the Terrace and enjoy the great lineup we have!

Friday August 13th

Afro Zep

9:30-11:55 p.m.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: Afro-beat covers classic Led Zeppelin tunes. And it’s excellent. This Chicago-based ensemble assembles only a few times every year to perform these Fela Kuti and Jimmy Page fusions, as well as some original grooves based off the music of artists such as Tinariwen, Thomas Mapfumo and Franco; and other stripped down arrangements with tons of added traditional African drumming.

Saturday August 14th

Fang Island with The Selfish Gene

9:30-11:55 p.m.

Fang Island describes its sound as “everyone high-fiving everyone.” And, the Brooklyn quintet’s anthemic and soaring songs make it quite possibly one of few bands befitting such description. Its finger-tapping guitar lines, chanted vocals, triumphant harmonies and overall perky songs hearken to the sort of Total Music of Jay Reatard, Ponytail, Kraftwerk, Marnie Stern, Thin Lizzy, et al. If this is the arena rock of the future, send me a ticket. Pitchfork

The Selfish Gene fuses indie and classic rock influences to craft clever songs, full of melody, with a vintage aesthetic. Recently described as a “sleek, solemn rock trio,” (Isthmus) the band combines dynamic vocal harmonies, from Matt Allen (guitar) and Eric Andraska (bass), with upbeat tempos from Rob Young (drums).


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