Truth & Salvage Co. Return!!

Were you too busy with finals to come out for Truth & Salvage Co.’s May show in der Rath? Too bad! But don’t worry too much because they will be making a triumphant return in less than a month!

Truth & Salvage Co.

Thursday, October 7

9:30 pm

with Pioneer

Download their Daytrotter Session to listen to while you read — it is one of my very favorite Daytrotter sessions ever.

Since their last appearance at the Union, Truth & Salvage Co. have released an album, played Bonnaroo and the rest of the festival circuit, and generally been awesome. Their fresh take on Americana rock, with four (FOUR!) vocalists and songwriters within the sextet, has rejuvenated a road-weary genre.

I don’t know how much more I can say about how imperative it is for you to stop out at their show without starting to wax poetic, but be sure to check out that Daytrotter session as well as listen to their live NPR set!

Openers Pioneer are quickly becoming a staple in the Madison indie circuit. Fronted by Kenny Monroe, Pioneer is unique with their innovative use of folk-cello. Is that a thing? If it isn’t, that’s okay because whatever Pioneer is doing with that cello is working for me. It will probably work for you, too.


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