World Music Fest Weekend!!!

This Friday night WUD music is making a change of scenery as El Ten Eleven rocks out at The Majestic with Dosh and Baths. “Their third record, These Promises Are Being Videotaped, is packed full of danceable melodies that put Ratatat to shame.”  Trumping Ratatat? now that’s some talent.  Hailing from L.A. and bringing with them the technologic sounds of dance-y rock, these guys know their way around their instruments and loop petals.  This concert is sure to be a spectacle worth watching.

And their drummer even plays guitar… while drumming?? Say whaa’?

Plus,the bumping electronic and jam-bandy quality of Baths and Dosh, respectively, provide opening acts that complement El Ten Eleven like chocolate on peanut butter.


World Music Fest continues as Those Darlins rock the High Noon Salon with Turbo Fruits, These United States, and Deep Dark Woods on Saturday.  The powerful, female voices of Those Darlins are kicking up dust and taking names as they bring forth their edgy, folk/rock sounds… all in their leather cowgirl boots.

Check these chicks out.

Now go on folks, get cultured.




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