OMG it’s Greta Morgan (Salpeter) and her new band!

FRIDAY OCTOBER 1, 2010 kick off fall with a show in der Rathskeller featuring Gold Motel, the recent project of Greta Salpeter, stage name Greta Morgan, a former member of  indie band the Hush Sound.  Gold Motel was formed in 2009 while Greta’s other band takes a hiatus, and have no fear, these guys will not disappoint.  I think the band says it best when they claim their music sounds “like ice cream melting in the sun.” I like to think of their album ‘Summer House’ as something reminiscent of a more sophisticated Beach Boys.  No matter how it is put, this band gives off a happy energy that will have you thinking of the Southern California hills in which it was written. I’m so stoked.

Then don’t forget to head back on Saturday for an Oktoberfest celebration in the German-inspired Rathskeller.  Frothing beer mugs will abound as Madison locals,the Bob Klinger Band, takes the stage.  Come get your polka on.



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