A taste of Jamaica!

This Friday, October 8th, keep the good vibes brought to you by Madison’s recent burst of sunshine going when you watch Dubtonic Kru hit the stage at 9:30pm.  With fingers crossed they’ll be playing on the Terrace, but if it gets too chilly look for them in der Rathskeller.

This band comes straight from South Central Jamaica, and mixes influences of dubstep along with some classic reggae.  Last year their single “Hold on Still” held the number one spot in Europe for 17 weeks.  They recently performed at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and the Sustenance World Music Festival.  The Kru will be joined by homegrown openers Weapons of Mass Defunktion, guaranteeing those who attend a night of easy listening.

Then, Saturday the 11th get geared up for Collections of Colonies of Bees with Male at 9:30pm at the Union.  This experimental powerhouse group from Milwaukee, WI are producers of music some have called “an absolute mind-melter of electronic and acoustic odd rock.”  Their layering style and sounds ranging from gentle to explosive serve to both soothe and inspire.  Members of Collections are also involved in Volcano Choir, a side project of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.  Don’t miss out.




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