Gordon Voidwell

“Who is opening for Mayer Hawthorne on Saturday, October 30th at 9:30pm??” you may ask.  I’ll give you some hints:

*the brains of the band was born in the Bronx (check out that alliteration!)

*his real name is William Gordon Johnson

*he produced the mixtape Voided Checks in 2009, which has been called “electro-fantastic…hip-hop-esque [and] yacht-rockin.”

*he sounds like dance-y beats reminiscent of the 80s that also bring to mind Chromeo

*it rhymes with Rordon Roidwell

Answer: if you guessed Gordon Voidwell, than you are correct!  But you didn’t have to get it right to still come enjoy the show. In fact, if you didn’t get it right, you should make it a necessity to come to the show because pretty soon everybody is going to know who Gordon Voidwell is, and it is my duty as WUD Music blog leader to prevent this from happening! So check it out people, start getting pumped.


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