If a band plays in der Rath and no one is there to hear them, do they make a sound?

This of course would never happen given the immense coolness of all the bands we book, so we’ll leave the pondering of that question for a different venue.

Luckily for you readers of this week’s WEEKEND ANNOUNCEMENTS, and thanks to my English professor David Zimmerman, I’m waxing poetic today. Please feel free to give me snaps after reading.

since it is too much to rhyme, both shows begin at 9:30pm and will be in der Rathskeller

FRIDAY: Grandchildren with Dinosaur Feathers and Temple (formerly known as Arto)


Grandchildren= chillwave


Though their name descends from old, their music is new

The songs start out with drums but there’s more to come it’s true.

Layer upon layer, a constant buildup

Both sides of the Atlantic is where the lead man grew up.

This music puts you in a state of flux

and Dinosaur Feathers and Temple also don’t suck.

Come experience the experience. –>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCy_olM8XeA

SATURDAY: Ari Herstand with Daniel and the Lion

Smooth and cool like water in a pool


Ari Herstand


Ari Herstand’s voice glides over you.

Swishing and swaying is what you’ll be doing

Boys bring your girls and they’ll surely be swooning.

On One Tree Hill is where his music has played

And if you leave early you’ll wish you’d have stayed.

Plus he’s from Minneapolis, so help support the midwest! –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TcViT1G_p0




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