Committee Member of the Week: Ryan

Name: Ryan Perry Vergeront
Year in School: 5th and final
Major: Economics
Song you’ve been listening to lately: Lower Dens – I Get Nervous — The whole album is great though. If we’re strictly speaking singles, lately, I’ve had Eastover Wives by Dent May on repeat.
Best concert you’ve ever been to: Daytrotter 4th of July Barnstormer this past summer. Hands down. I saw some of my favorite bands in a barn with a group of amazing people. It was the most intense Dawes show I’ve seen (of many). Also got to see Jonny Corndawg, who plays some of the most hilarious and down-to-earth music I’ve heard. If anyone is actually reading this (thanks a lot, Ryan, plenty of people read this…maybe), do yourself a favor and check out his show at the Frequency on Nov 17th.

Years on committee: 3
If you were an animal, what kind would you be?: A poison dart frog
Words of wisdom: Be sincere.
Favorite YouTube video:


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