They don’t speak with British accents but they are Englishmen

Announcing: Englishman with Matt Duncan and Jeremiah Nelson

Englishman's debut EP, "Taxidermy"

Although we were sad they weren’t able to play with These United States in Madison last fall, WUD music is thrilled to have them here headlining this semester!  At 9:30pm on Saturday, December 4th don’t miss out on these up-and-comers as they make their way to our lovely city fresh off a Daytrotter recording session in the a.m.  They will be releasing a new album this winter that was recorded in a barn that was dismantled and rebuilt in Ohio, giving the album a back-to-basics, Bon Iver-esque feel.  Not to mention that openers Jeremiah Nelson are locals building up a notable reputation in the area and Matt Duncan is a member of Englishman who will give you a good preview for what to expect from the rest of the night.

Do not miss this night of cutting-edge music that may one day become your new favorite band!


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