Wakey up and get ready for the weekend.

Friday Friday Friday at 9:30pm in der Rathskeller come…

Witness Wakey! Wakey! with Jenny Owen Youngs on their Dance So Good tour with special guest Elliot Arms

Alert your friends and bring them with you!

Keep warm in this chilly weather with a beer and some quality piano-rock tunes

Even One Tree Hill has featured the music of Wakey! Wakey! on their show

You won’t want to miss this joyous collection of piano, guitar, bass, electric violin and vocals!

! <–that’s how ecstatic you will be after checking out this show.


Then, SATURDAY, also at 9:30pm in der Rath:

Horse Feathers with Anaïs Mitchell, possibly THE show of the semester.  I assure you that you will cry yourself to sleep for a week with no one to console you but your pillow and leftover Halloween candy if you miss this one.

Hades Town, a folk opera by opener Anaïs Mitchell will kick off the night

Oregon, more specifically, Portland, is where lead man Justin Ringle formed this ensemble

Recently released, their new album “Thistle Down” is in stores now

Savory folk/indie music will have you begging for more by the time midnight rolls around

Every guitar strum and violin pluck will have you picturing rolling hills and put a smile on your face





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