Just Announced! Sharon Van Etten

A stellar addition to what promises to be one of the best months in music for UW, folky singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten will serenade der Rathskeller at 9:30pm on Friday April, 8th.  April may come with showers, but that night the only showers you’ll care about will be the tears of happiness on your face after listening to such beautiful music.

Sharon Van Etten

At once hopeful and heartbreaking, Sharon Van Etten’s unique voice and singer-songwriter aesthetic has catapulted her to the forefront of the indie world in the last year. Following the limited release of her first album, “Because I Was In Love,” she released her second album, “Epic,” to great acclaim. She has toured with artists like Antlers, Beirut, Great Lake Swimmers, Bowerbirds, Shearwater, and Rain Machine, and played Hopscotch and Pitchfork music festivals.

NPR host Robin Hilton says it all when it comes to Van Etten’s quietly honest music: “I don’t want to overstate how much I love this record, but I do plan on being buried with it.” Take that to your grave.


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