oven freshly announced and almost ready to enjoy: In Tall Buildings

Friday, February 4th open your ears to the vastly layered rock music of In Tall Buildings as he blows in from the windy city of Chi-town to grace der Rath with his melodious craftings. Show starts 9:30pm.

After releasing a self-titled album in April 2010, In Tall Buildings (featuring Eric Hall of NOMO, Saturday Looks Good to Me and His Name is Alive) has gained acclaim for a modern take on pop music. With a new album anticipated for early spring, the band played Tomorrow Never Knows Festival in Chicago and will be featured in Denton, TX, at 35 Conferette. With press from the Chicago Tribune, Austin Town Hall, and the Chicago Reader, In Tall Buildings is on track to be one of Chicago’s best-loved exports.

In Tall Buildings, aka Erik Hall. "Erik's lyrics unveil a personal world through stark imagery: a monster's lair, a bed of soft linens, a spilled glass of wine, a shared whiskey bottle, a plummeting star, and a walking man."



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